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Who I Am

Coming from humble beginnings, I have an appreciation for building greatness from nothing. This is one reason why I have been so successful as a personal branding coach. Everyone starts with a blank slate, much like I did and from there has the opportunity to establish themselves as a true leader. I’m a total LinkedIn geek, having built a loyal community of over 40 thousand people in a year and I’m beyond blessed to help others do the same. 

My Values

Meaningful Relationships

When it comes to personal branding and getting the most out of LinkedIn, relationships are everything. My clients are more like partners than anything else. Why? Love and respect!

Transparency & Results

If you can’t be an open book, you’ll be hard to read. I see so much value in being open with my clients and in turn, I get the opportunity to change lives and grow brands to new heights.

Unwavering Optimism

When building brands, optimism is essential. To create winning LinkedIn and personal branding strategies, you must be able to see the best in people and that is one of my specialties! 

What Others Are Saying

Lacey is some kind of LinkedIn whisperer. I have been a content creator on LinkedIn since March 2015 and I can’t think of many people who have captured attention on this platform as quickly as Lacey has.

Within half a year, she’s built a loyal following of over 17,000 people and has mastered using LinkedIn to build a strong personal brand from her #laceyisms and authentic content, to her signature bookshelf. Lacey also helps others promote their social media content and create a stronger LinkedIn presence. 

She is a generous and kind person that I’m glad to have in my network.

Kristin Sherry

I can count on ONE HAND the number of people I recommend without reservation. Lacey is one of them. Her obsession with helping anyone unleash their badassery is something that I immediately saw in working together. She cares. She observes. She studies LinkedIn and people and uses those insights to best unleash what’s possible. And she accompanies you on the journey joyously. A dear friend and a big-hearted professional, Lacey is bright AND defiant. And that’s a combination worth its weight in gold.
David Brier

If you asked me to pick among a wide number of candidates to build an A-team, hands down I’d pick Lacey. Her energy, passion, and raw emotional intelligence are unparalleled. If you have the pleasure to work with her, you will always remember her as a stand-out personality who you can count on to deliver top notch quality every time. Over my career, I have not met very often people of her level. Lacey is definitely a keeper
Krista Mollion

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