linkedin coach and personal branding strategist

What I Do

I help individual professionals and companies leverage the power of personal branding and LinkedIn to drive the results that matter most to them.

1:1 Coaching

From building a profitable personal brand to creating a growth focused LinkedIn strategy, my 4 week program will equip you with everything you need to become a dominant player in your industry and drive the actions you value most.

Corporate Workshops

Your employees are an untapped army! I’ll work with key members of your team to help them build an authentic personal brand and LinkedIn strategy that seamlessly aligns with your corporate brand, goals, mission and culture. 

What You'll Learn

Create Compelling Content

Craft content that drives engagement, inspires valuable action and generates leads.

Build A Strong Personal Brand

People buy from people they trust. Build a personal brand that makes people feel comfortable with you as a human being.

Drive Sales & Inbound Leads

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. Learn how to effectively turn your LinkedIn network into a scalable profit center.

Grow Your Audience At Scale

Rapidly grow your following while also driving likes, shares and comments from key members of your target audience.

Boost Engagement & Reach

Engage the right people while consistently expanding your brands visibility and building mutually beneficial relationships. 

LinkedIn Video Best Practices

Companies that use video grow 49% quicker than those who don’t. Learn how to authentically tell your brand’s story.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Build a profile that converts followers into customers and gives people real reasons to choose you over your competition. 

Raise Brand Awareness

Go beyond brand awareness and bring people into the brand advocacy stage of the sales funnel using LinkedIn.

Leverage LinkedIn Company Pages

Create and grow a LinkedIn company page that showcases your brand’s offerings, success stories, culture and much more.

What Others Are Saying

Lacey is my go-to expert for personal branding and organically growing LinkedIn followers. Her unique strategies have helped me find an authentic voice for my brand in today’s competitive market. 

Apart from her unrivaled influence and expertise in helping you fine-tune your brand and create a killer content strategy; she is a really caring and delightful person to know.

I would highly recommend Lacey to anyone looking to brand themselves and get their LinkedIn growing naturally.

Adam Danyal

Lacey has always been on the cutting edge of content creation, and has done a brilliant job consistently putting out thought provoking, entertaining, and incredibly well received posts. Lacey has helped others achieve amazing results on LinkedIn, myself not withstanding. As a coach Lacey is results driven, leveraging years of experience in B2B digital marketing. She always knows all the right people and ways to reach the right audience. The amazing thing about her is she’s able to help strategize for customer acquisition and sales too. She’s fun to work with and her results speak for themselves. Lacey’s a secret weapon of mine and I’m pleased to recommend her as a coach.
Cory Warfield

I came across Lacey’s very useful videos on LinkedIn when I first started using it and was impressed with her knowledge and expertise. I was a complete novice at the time and I decided to have coaching with her and I am so glad I did.

She is an expert in this field, she is very approachable and always there for me. She has given me a wealth of knowledge on LinkedIn but has also been very supportive when I felt insecure about putting myself out there or when I was stuck with producing content. I would highly recommend her. She is the best!

Raha Sepehrara

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