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Imagine If Every Employee Had An Amazing Personal Brand That Aligned With Your Culture & Helped Drive The Core Goals Of Your Company
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Your Employees Are An Untapped Army. Brand Them With LinkedIn!

Only 3% of employees are posting relevant content for their companies. Through my intensive LinkedIn workshops your team will learn how to build and leverage their personal brands to drive your companies most important goals and turn LinkedIn into a place that’s not only profitable but also supportive of your culture and story. 

Benefits Of My LinkedIn Workshops

Corporate & Personal Brand Content Strategy

Build sophisticated content strategies for each key member of your team that perfectly align with the goals of your company as a whole. 

Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition

Don’t be a brand that looks to others and copies the market. Cut through the noise and gain a true edge over your competitors. 

Drive More Sales & Inbound Leads

Leverage Linkedin to generate demand for your products and services and consistently extract a healthy ROI out of your network. 

Build A Strong Personal Brand For Each Employee

Imaging if every employee of your company had a powerhouse personal brand to help drive your message, offerings and goals. 

Influence Buyer Consideration

Give people real reasons to consider your offerings over your competition and successfully nurture people down the path to purchase. 

Reach People At Every Stage Of The Funnel

Connect with people who are early in the buyers journey and those who are ready to buy and convert those opportunities into profits. 

Boost Engagement & Increase Reach

Drive views, comments, likes and shares of your content consistently. Reach the right people with the right message at the right time. 

Raise Awareness & Build Trust With Your Audience

Increase the visibility of both your personal brand and your company brand while building relationships with key players in your industry. 

Enhance LinkedIn Profiles & Company Pages

Craft LinkedIn profiles and company pages that convert followers into loyal customers and brand advocates. 

What Others Are Saying

Simply put, Lacey is talented at her craft! In a very short time, she has helped transform my online presence within LinkedIn in a snap. She helped with a process and also got me past my fears of doing video, which has been a game changer. If you are a novice like me or someone building your business brand, I strongly suggest giving Lacey call. You get great value and darn good outcomes. Best of luck!

Lacey all I have to say to you is: thank you, thank you, thank you!

Greg Brenner

Lacey is a breath of fresh air. Her expertise in building a LinkedIn presence, personal branding and marketing, and her heartfelt approach to her work, set her worlds apart from many other branding specialists. She brings the human back into business – which is what the world needs and is why so many people love her. If you want someone who will treat you like the human being you are, as well as give you expert marketing advice and LinkedIn coaching – Lacey is THE person to go to.
Zeta Yarwood

Lacey’s content resonates with so many from all walks of life.  Her relationship building skills are exceptional but most importantly are genuine. Lacey’s priority is “How can I serve one person today?” and she is consistently adding value and sharing incredible knowledge with her community. Lacey has also created a loyal community where each and everyone are advocates of her mission. She’s a true leader!

I highly recommend Lacey as she’s a stand out. You will walk away feeling completely at ease knowing that your business will improve for the better. 

Tima Elhajj

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