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Build A Personal Brand That Attracts Your Ideal Clients, Inspires Meaningful Action And Drives The KPI's That Matter Most To You
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Learn How To Profit From LinkedIn & Build A Strong Personal Brand

Through my 1:1 LinkedIn coaching and personal branding strategy sessions you will learn how to turn LinkedIn into a profit channel, establish a trusted personal brand and build an online community of professionals that add value to your brand.

Benefits Of My 1:1 Coaching

Create Content That Inspires Action

Learn how to craft content that builds a community around your brand, adds value to your audience and tells your story authentically.

Build A Profitable Personal Brand

Your personal brand needs to go beyond being a leader in your industry. It needs to build trust, be memorable and invoke emotion.

Drive Consistent Sales & Inbound Leads

Build a story around your products that increases brand recall, influences buyer consideration and uplifts purchase intent. 

Grow Your Following At Scale

Build an engaged online community full of meaningful, long term business relationships and loyal clients.

Craft A Powerhouse LinkedIn Profile

I’ll teach you how to design a LinkedIn profile that crushes mediocrity and compels people to take the actions you value most. 

Effectively Leverage LinkedIn Video

Video brings a human element to your content strategy and helps your brand to resonate with people on a personal level. 

Expand Your Reach & Boost Engagement

Ensure your content is being viewed by the right people, attracts insane engagement and inspires people to keep your brand top of mind. 

Raise Awareness & Build Trust With Your Audience

Gain massive visibility on a global scale for both yourself and your company as well as your product and service offerings. 

Position Yourself As A Leader In Your Industry

Start being viewed as a thought leader within your respective industry though sharing your expertise in a way that’s tastefully unique. 

What Others Are Saying

Lacey is my go-to expert for personal branding and organically growing LinkedIn followers. Her unique strategies have helped me find an authentic voice for my brand in today’s competitive market. 

Apart from her unrivaled influence and expertise in helping you fine-tune your brand and create a killer content strategy; she is a really caring and delightful person to know.

I would highly recommend Lacey to anyone looking to brand themselves and get their LinkedIn growing naturally.

Adam Danyal

When people ask me about Lacey, I describe her as “the great connector” and the “quintessential up-lifter.” She perfectly combines personality with professionalism. She is upbeat and positive, yet serious when it comes to helping others discover their potential. She understands that mentorship is about relationships, first; that communication and trust are key; and ultimately, if you do the right thing, good things will come to you.

If you want to build a strong network filled with amazing people, Lacey is a great source for that. Her knowledge of LinkedIn is top notch. If you have the opportunity to work with Lacey, I’d highly recommend you do so. Her work ethic, delightful demeanor, and leadership are second to none.

Wendy Schaefer

We all cross paths with many people in our lives. On rare occasions we meet an individual whose presence feels influential. That’s Lacey. A born leader, she emits all the combined traits of the best of humanity. Lacey has a great way of producing introspective content that feels natural and personable despite the topic. Whether by the written word or by video her storytelling is hypnotic in a way that you yearn for the story to never end. She has my respect and admiration for simply being a kind and caring person with exceptional talent.
Richard DiPilla

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